Jimmy Haynes 

When Jimmy was just about ten years old, he found his love for music and he began taking formal guitar lessons. All throughout his life, he played and sang in the church. Jimmy met Enola Haynes when he was nineteen, and they fell madly in love and began making music together. Jimmy founded the Haynes Family Quartet, and they began touring and performing through multiple states.  In the quartet was Jimmy’s father Jim,  his brother Tracy, himself and Enola. This quartet really formed Jimmy and Enola’s love for singing harmony. After this, Jimmy and Enola went on to create their incredibly successful band, the Jimmy Haynes band. They won 1st place at the Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival, and they were placed in the finals at the SPBGMA Bluegrass Festival. Jimmy and Enola were able to meet many big names in the Bluegrass industry, like Doyle Lawson or the Osborn Brothers, thanks to their success in the industry. By surrounding himself with so many skilled musicians, Jimmy was able to pick up many other instruments like banjo, ukulele, auto-harp, piano, and fiddle. When Jimmy plays the mandolin though, the ethereal, precise sound is untouchable. He began teaching private lessons around twenty years ago. Jimmy and Enola opened their store Here at Jimmy Haynes Music Store, not only is he an expert in selling the right instrument to the right person, but he also offers lessons on guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and ukulele.


Enola Haynes

Enola always loved music, but she was truly engulfed in the musical world when she married Jimmy Haynes. Some of her biggest influences growing up included Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, and Loretta Lynn. She sang her whole life, but she really began to professionally sing after meeting Jimmy. A few years later, she picked up the electric bass and eventually learned the upright as well. After recording several professional albums, including a solo album, Enola began to teach lessons in bass. Enola’s voice is a unique gift, molded by years and years of lessons and influences from other excellent artists. Her lyrical, sweet voice placed her front and center in the Jimmy Haynes Band. Enola is excellent behind the scenes help, and keeps the store afloat at all times!


Savanna Carlton

Savanna has had a love for music as long as she can remember, starting by jamming out on her karaoke machine. Any time Savanna went to her Aunt Jan’s house, she would sit down at the piano and play her heart away. Eventually, her aunt no longer wanted their piano, so she gifted it to Savanna and her family. Starting then, Savanna began to teach herself to play piano. Her mother convinced her to join the local community musical theater, and that was where she realized her life would definitely have to be the life of a musician. She began auditioning for as many musicals as she could! In fifth grade, she began playing the flute and singing in choir. Then we she went to high school, she learned to play the trumpet in order to join the high school marching band. She also began to write her first album her second year of high school. Along the way, she also picked up Ukulele. Savanna attended Cleveland State University, starting as a Bachelor of Music Education, and ending with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Her senior project was her second album release, and she earned a one hundred percent! In all of her training, Savanna took four years of private voice lessons, two years of private piano lessons, two year of ear training, and various other music classes, such as string methods and music history. Graduating in May of 2017, Savanna began looking for a job in the music field. She was lucky enough to notice Jimmy Haynes Music Store on her drive home one day. Now, she is working with them, and teaching voice, piano,and flute lessons.